The May 2007 issue of the Semaphore features a brief overview of Don Cook's Great Northern, Spokane Division railroad. Follow the links below to see more photos and a detailed layout diagram.   Photos courtesy of Jim Osborn unless otherwise noted. Diagram courtesy of Don Cook.

Photos 1 through 7

Photos 8 through 14

Layout diagram PDF  (1.4M Byte download)
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GN 3059

GN3059 labors up the grade with a 20 car train from Skykomish yards.
Photo courtesy of Don Cook.

Wanatchee depot and Apple Yard
Don's award winning Wanatchee depot behind the Apple Yard complex. Note the photographic back ground of a sequence of pictures taken by Don of the actual town of Wanatchee, WA.
Apple Yard engine facilities
The engine and Maintenance of Way facilities just off Apple Yard. Note the rail inspection car in the foreground.
Apple Yard engine Facilities
Another view of the engine facilities just off Apple Yard.
Apple Yard Office
Nothing going on at the Apple Yard office until the reefer express arrives from Skykomish -- except a hot checker game of course!
Columbia River Town Scene
An example of Don's attention to detail is shown by peering into the store front's in Columbia River.
Columbia River Town Scene
Another view from the business end of Columbia River.

Link to Photos 8 through 14

Link to the Layout diagram PDF (1.4M Byte download)



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